Argentine Tango

Connect with the romantic, the playful, the sensual you, in a subtle danced dialogue.

Gyrokinesis® Classes

Connect with your spine and your breath with one of the best, yet gentle, full body exercise.


Group choreographies, couple improvisations, tango orchestra for cultural events, private and organisation’s parties.

Hello and Welcome!

Tango Classes and Gyrokinesis® Training in Gothenburg with Elodie Labonne.
Experience the beauty of Argentine Tango with us, in our classes, with our Tango community in Göteborg at our social events, or with a dance performance on stage.
Get introduced to the Gyrokinesis® method, one of the best full body training to balance the nervous system, build strength and open energy pathways.


I am committed to accompany my students in their development with quality training.

I am a certified Gyrokinesis®️ teacher and do yearly training updates. I regularly work with other tango teachers from all over the world to exchange knowledge and pedagogic methods.

I update my knowledge in anatomy taking workshops with experts in those areas, studying the result of the latest researches, and exploration in my own practice, as well as careful observations on my students.

Body Awareness

Gyrokinesis®️ training and Tango can help us to reconnect with the forgotten joy of moving freely in a comfortable posture and expended range of motion.

Strength Building

We will work gently, yet efficiently with your deep muscles together with the breath to directly target our connective tissues.

Calm Your Mind

When bringing our attention to sensations, motion and emotions, we balance our nervous system, for more peace and relaxation.

Energy Awareness

Breathing and stretching open the meridians. Playing with our attitude in the dance is a great way to develop awareness about your personal energy.

Dancing with Elodie is like dancing on the clouds. Gentle and caring embrace with a great pedagogic approach. I’ve really enjoyed the family feeling in the classes.


Tango student

Elodie is more than a teacher. She facilitates transformations through her courses and she builds communities through her classes. She’s empathic, warm and very kind, so whatever course you join, you’ll feel welcome from the first second. The passion and the love she’s putting in her teaching is contagious; it was easy to become a loyal student.


Tango & Gyrokinesis®️ Training student

I felt very energized and connected with my body after the Gyrokinesis®️ class. Elodie is really passionate about what she is doing and you can feel that this is the essence of her classes. Highly recommended!


Gyrokinesis®️ Training student

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