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Argentine Tango

Connect with the romantic, the playful, the sensual you, in a subtle danced dialogue.

Gyrokinesis® Classes

Connect with your spine and your breath with one of the best, yet gentle, full body exercise.


Group choreographies, couple improvisations, tango orchestra for cultural events, private and organisation’s parties.

Elodie Labonne

I moved to Sweden in 2011 to start my career as innovation adviser, first for PMEs, then at the university for researchers. At that time I was far to imagine that I would one day call myself a dancer, and even further away to think that I would make it my profession!

I got introduced to ArgentineTango in 2013 through a weekend workshop. I got instantly hooked and very soon tango became a lifestyle. It affected the way I was standing, thinking, making intrusions in my daily life while I would wait for the bus and explore my axis and posture, choose my clothes when shopping and hunting milongas and festivals wherever I was traveling. In 2014 I visited for the first time to Buenos Aires, and during one month my daily rhythm was classes, milongas (tango night), sleep, and repeat. When I came back, I began assisting in classes and there started my change of life.

Very soon after, I met who is now my life partner, Love Nilsson. Together we have been sharing our knowledge and passion for tango since 2015 in three dance schools in Gothenburg: Dance Vida, Adrianas Danshus, and World Dance Company.

Actively involved in the development of our tango community we regularly organize tango immersions, as well as events with guest teachers to stimulate the development of our tangueros and tangueras. With Tango4You we introduce immigrants to tango and its social environment which doesn’t require verbal language. We also initiated the creation of a tango show group to promote the dance in cultural events and various public spaces.

I usually say that I discovered my body through tango, the capacities of movement of my body and the sensations it can give. I have never been a big fan of exercises; I was trying to keep my jogging regular, at least during summer-time when the weather was not a valid excuse to skip it. 

I didn’t like to suffer, to sweat, and to have muscle pain. Tango offered me the san graal exercise, as my addiction was growing I was dancing every single evening a week. Without any effort, I started to feel more alert, lighter, more flexible.

But, as I was raising my awareness about sweet sensations, unpleasant sensations also became more obvious, and I became more and more sensitive to the chronic pains I had in the shoulder, back, knees, hips, and feet. 

The Gyrokinesis®️ method gave me the tools to exercise in the most efficient way without generating unnecessary and counterproductive pain in my body. It provided me with a training method to make my body stronger and more flexible without forcing or tensing, but most respectfully, using breathing and gentle yet efficient movement.

Both tango and Gyrokinesis®️ training are tools to enter consciousness, by raising awareness about the physical body, breathing, movement, and subtle communication.

Eventually this passion for movement took over my initial passion for innovation and while I was trying to operate a smooth and safe transition between the two, the fear of not “succeeding” burned me out. As I was recovering I realised how I lost myself in the seriousness of life, making everything a matter of life or death, to the point that I lost my joy for everything, including dancing, teaching, and connecting with others. Connect with Joy was born during this recovery period. It is the best way I can describe in three words what I wish to guide you in. And it is also a daily reminder for myself to cultivate my inner happiness.

Joyfully yours,


I help you with

Body Awareness

Gyrokinesis®️ training and Tango can help us to reconnect with the forgotten joy of moving freely in a comfortable posture and expended range of motion.

Strength Building

We will work gently, yet efficiently with your deep muscles together with the breath to directly target your connective tissues.

Calm Your Mind

When bringing our attention to sensations, motion and emotions, we balance our nervous system, for more peace and relaxation.

Energy Awareness

Breathing and stretching open the meridians. Playing with our attitude in the dance is a great way to develop awareness about our personal energy.

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