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“I thought tango was a bit pretentious, but the course has proved otherwise. It can also be very relaxed, playful and mindful.

With GYROKINESIS® I’m learning a new way to stretch and take care of my body and feel more aware in it and it feels great!”

~ Therese

“Elodie is more than a teacher. She facilitates transformations through her courses and she builds communities through her classes.

She’s empathic, warm and very kind, so whatever course you join, you’ll feel welcome from the first second.

The passion and the love she’s putting in her teaching is contagious; it was easy to become a loyal student.”

~ Andreia

“I started dancing tango and soon realized that my posture, balance, and control of my body was awful. One tool to make it better for me, is GYROKINESIS®.

It made my posture better, the balance improved and last and maybe most of all, my spiraling movements come to life! I highly recommend trying GYROKINESIS® and see if it works for you!”

~ Joacim

“GYROKINESIS® helps me to reduce stress, to slow down the rhythm, in a society that makes you more connected to the clock than yourself.

GYROKINESIS® makes your spine to move in a more natural way. It is nice for improving your tango posture too.”

~ Sergio


EveryBODY needs to breathe, to move and to connect. At Connect With Joy, we share the joy of moving and dancing, of getting to know our body, and of connecting with others. We offer GYROKINESIS® and TANGO classes with: 

JOY – Every class is a new experience, always approached with fun and happiness. 

AWARENESS  – To develop, to prevent injuries, and to support a long and joyful life full of beautiful dances.

COMMUNITY – Everyone, everyBODY is welcome, regardless of age, gender, ethnic and social background. Together, we create a friendly atmosphere with trust and mutual support.

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