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queer tango göteborg


Take your first tango steps with us! Learn a beautiful dance and meet wonderful people!

Sunday tango göteborg


Wednesday Alternativo and Waffle Sunday Tango, intermediate and advance levels.

Sunday tango göteborg


Join us any class, any practica, any time, when you schedule allows it.

queer tango göteborg


The only way to feel the depth of tango and take it to the next level. Dive in details and grow your self-confidence with us.

Elodie Love Labonne Nilsson Tango

Elodie & Love on the go

Do you want to see where we are? Here you can follow where we teach outside of Gothenburg!

tango göteborg event community


Our yearly meeting with live-music, 100 dancers from abroad, and loads of tango love

Discover the enchanting world of

Argentine Tango

Unlock a dance experience like no other! Dive into the “Why” of Tango and learn the deep emotional and social connections this dance offers.

Seeking a new hobby, a way to express yourself, or a means to meet new people?

Argentine Tango has the answers!

Argentine Tango

Who are we?

Elodie Love Tango grundkurs nybörjare göteborg tango class gothenburg

Your teachers

Elodie and Love will lead you through this immersive journey step by step, breaking down the intricate movements of Tango into manageable pieces. 

With our guidance, grasp the fundamentals of the Tango embrace, posture, footwork, and musicality.

Key points: 

No prior dance experience needed! Start from the very basics.

– Learn to communicate with your partner non-verbally and express your emotions through dance. 

– You’ll gain the confidence to move gracefully on the dance floor, anywhere in the world!

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