Connect With Joy

Elodie’s story!

In March 2013 I clicked “going” to an intensive Tango weekend for beginners on a Facebook event.


My first impression was that it was very relaxing to be physically close to someone “without consequences”.


I will always remember the first time I felt I was leaving the current space and time dancing Tango. We were moving around the wooden floor, among the other dancers. At that time I had no idea what “mindfulness” was. We were dancing.


The Tango embrace enraptured me. It didn’t feel like my partner was leading and I was following. Only togetherness. When the last note came, I opened my eyes and … I had forgotten who my partner was… his age, name or the physical appearance.


That’s when I understood the true power of tango and why it`s a beautiful gift to be shared with as many as possible.
Years later I met my husband Love!
Tango is for us more than a shared passion, it’s our profession, a powerful tool to grow and develop our relationship.

Growing in the Gothenburg Tango environment, teaching and practicing together as a couple brings many moments  that help us understand our couple dynamic and deepen our love.


Finally, I discovered the power of belonging to a community when one of our students from Afghanistan needed financial and emotional support after being deported.


We regularly organize fundraising to help him survive in Kabul and find a way out. That is what tango is for me: connection, self-discoveries, community, mutual support, and artistic exploration.

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