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“I thought tango was a bit pretentious, but the course has proved otherwise. It can also be very relaxed, playful and mindful.

With GYROKINESIS® I’m learning a new way to stretch and take care of my body and feel more aware in it and it feels great!”

~ Therese

“Elodie is more than a teacher. She facilitates transformations through her courses and she builds communities through her classes.

She’s empathic, warm and very kind, so whatever course you join, you’ll feel welcome from the first second.

The passion and the love she’s putting in her teaching is contagious; it was easy to become a loyal student.”

~ Andreia

“I started dancing tango and soon realized that my posture, balance, and control of my body was awful. One tool to make it better for me, is GYROKINESIS®.

It made my posture better, the balance improved and last and maybe most of all, my spiraling movements come to life! I highly recommend trying GYROKINESIS® and see if it works for you!”

~ Joacim

“GYROKINESIS® helps me to reduce stress, to slow down the rhythm, in a society that makes you more connected to the clock than yourself.

GYROKINESIS® makes your spine to move in a more natural way. It is nice for improving your tango posture too.”

~ Sergio


Introduction to Tango

Introduction to tango” is a 4 weeks course or weekend intensive for absolute beginners. It includes the basic figures, an introduction to tango history, the structure of the music and the social dance environment.

Sunday Tango classes Beginner - Intermediate

Sunday Tango class Beg/Int” is for you who already know the content of “Introduction to tango” and want to keep on learning the basic figures, rhythmical variations, and communication techniques.

Sunday Tango class intermediate - advanced

Sunday Tango class Int/Adv” is for you who has been taking at least 2 years of classes and dance regularly socially. You want to learn elaborated figures, musical interpretations, and communication techniques.


Tango Technique for leaders and followers

Tango technique for leaders and followers” is a course for all levels where we focus on walking, pivots and spirals technique, as well as embellishments in the dance.


Do I need a partner?

No! You can join our classes with or without partner. We offer to rotate partner for those who are fine with it.

What is the registration process?

1. Book your course(s), class(es), or event(s) below.
2. Make your payment (if your wish to receive a receipt, please send us an email at info@connectwithjoy.com):

Via Swish – 072 350 3948, or
Bank Giro – (0)529-6975

3. A week or so before it starts, you will receive an information email. Once you receive the confirmation for your booking (step 1), make sure to add our email adress to your contact list to prevent it to land into your spam folder. 


What happens if I miss a class?

You can join another weekly class (Sunday Tango or Wednesday Tango Technique). On request we might accept to transfer your missed classes to the next term, if there are spot available. 


Can I join a single class?

Yes you can if there are spots available! Register below under the category “Single class”. If you register the same day, also send us a text: +46(0)723503948.

Where is our studio?

Our regular classes take place at Maj12:an, Varholmsgatan 12. For events, the location might be different and you will find it in the event description. if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask us: info@connectwithjoy.com.

Can I use my friskvårdsbidrag?

Yes you can! Our receipts are eligible to friskvårdsbidrag. Let us know if you have any question: info@connectwithjoy.com.

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