Here comes a drawing Tanja made after a private tango class where we obviously focused on what it meant to “find your tango axis”.

❔When referring to “axis” in tango, we most of the time refer to an imaginary vertical line going through the center of the body (head to feet).

👥A good control off our own axis greatly improve the quality and precision of our movement and communication. With awareness of our partner axis, a world opens for fun improvisation possibilities in the dance.

🧘‍♀️Developing control and awareness of our axis has little to do with building up muscles and being strong. It is mostly about relaxing to develop sensitivity to small movements, and about organizing the body to create the most effortless movement possible. 

💡Tips: If you find it difficult to find and keep your axis, you’ll most likely get closer to it by joining a tango technique class, than searching under the chair of your living room.


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