The GYROKINESIS® Method is a unique form of movement and healing practice. It is a full-body exercise, aligning the bone structure, strengthening the muscles, stimulating the organs, the blood circulation, and balancing the nervous system. At first, the method attracted dancers. Rapidly the benefits attracted anyone searching for an efficient form of exercise: 

  • To increase performance for athletes and fitness practitioners
  • In rehabilitation from injuries or chronic pains
  • To reduce the effect of ageing and of sedentary lifestyles
  • To support the recovery from traumas stored in the form of tensions
Fun is the rule!

We move the whole body through fun, flowing sequences, which mobilize the spine in all possible directions. 

These movements are combined with breathing patterns. They specifically address the nervous system, open energetic pathways within the body, and oxygenate the blood. As the mind relaxes and the movement gains in fluidity, tensions or adhesions in the joints and the fascia are gently release.

On the chair, on the floor and standing exercises

While demonstrating the sequences of movements, a Gyrokinesis instructor offers simple verbal cues and images. Thus, the participants follow along in real time.

Classes often start seated on a stool and a guided self-massage followed with floor series. A class usually ends with standing aerobic exercises. 

Enjoy your comfort zone

The method promotes the principle of moving within the comfort zone, in a way that feels good and safe for the body and mind. Through the whole session, we highlight the pleasurable sensations of the movement. 

As a result, the joints lubricate and warm-up gently. Meanwhile, the spinal motions help to re-pattern inefficient habits and reduce muscle imbalances safely. Progressively, the range of motions increases in a relaxed body and with a calm state of mind

A  Gyrokinesis class usually leaves the participants balanced, energized, in their body and mind, as well as with an unusual sense of openness in the body. 

Join a Gyrokinesis class today!

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