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Experience the GYROKINESIS® method online and in Göteborg!
GYROKINESIS® training is for every BODY- beginners, dancers and sports professionals, pregnant women to older people. The flowing sequences allow everyone to move from their comfort zone.


“I went into the GYROKINESIS® classes without really any expectations. I didn’t know what it was or how it looked, I had just been recommended by Elodie to try it out.

Turns out that it was really nice! I work a lot by sitting at a computer, so having these classes full of stretching, physical activation and relaxation through concentration techniques has been really good for my body and mind. I’ve even been able to do some of the exercises during the small breaks I have when I’m working, and I really feel the difference in body and mind when I do them.”

~ Pablo

“Elodie’s GYROKINESIS® classes are simply wonderful. I expected the classes to compare with yoga and Pilates, and they did.

The movements feel a lot like dancing and yoga combined. The classes help me with reducing stress and relaxing tensed muscles.
I look forward to GYROKINESIS® classes every week.”

~ Guðný Stella

“I felt very energized and connected with my body after the GYROKINESIS® class.

Elodie is really passionate about what she is doing and you can feel that this is the essence of her classes. Highly recommended!

~ Romana

“I had heard that several of the most famous tango dancers also trained GYROKINESIS® so I wanted to try what this method could do for my body and tango dancing in terms of balance, flexibility, strength and awareness.

After some weeks of training, I certainly noticed increased flexibility and bodily awareness, both in class and in everyday life. Elodie has a great knowledge of the method and a humorous way of teaching.

She really made me aware of how harsh we can be towards ourselves when learning new skills, and helped me to approach myself and the new with joy and curiosity.”

~ Johannes

GYROKINESIS® is an amazing method, I’ve tried different types of yoga and spinal alignment, but this is something else.

It works in a subtle yet deep way, and my body feels so good after I do it, relaxed and open.”

~ Kavita

GYROKINESIS® has really helped me with my stiff neck and shoulders, bringing more mobility and stability to my whole back.

Elodie makes it fun and easy to learn, and yet so efficient. I warmly recommend going to these classes with her!”

~ Paula

GYROKINESIS® has improved my body awareness a lot. I try to apply the techniques to most of what I do, tango, yoga, physical therapy etc.

Elodie is a wonderful teacher and she has a way of reading body language/movement that is really helpful.”

~ Cecilia

“GYROKINESIS® exercises gave me the tools to relax.

I am very grateful that during daily stressful situations, I could use certain exercises to find peace and balance in my body! Last but not least, it helped me in improving my posture in dancing.”

~ Nasrin

“I strongly recommend GYROKINESIS®.

It calms me down after a long and tough workday. I focus more on my breathing now. I feel that my posture is improving, and I am more aware of my body, which helps me to relax.”

~ Nicole


Who will benefit from the GYROKINESIS® training?
– Everybody to maintain physical and emotional balance.
– Postural training and spine issues
(hips, pelvic, back, neck and shoulder).
– Functional training for injury prevention.
– Athletes to increase performance.
– Dancers to develop movement quality.
– Seniors to maintain flexibility and balance.

The GYROKINESIS® training combines breath and movement. While the method combines key principles from yoga, qi-qong and pilates, it remains an experience on its own. As an exercise routine, the GYROKINESIS® method increases the breathing capacity and general endurance, while helping to maintain emotional balance.

Juliu Horvath developed the method as a result of many years of exploration to heal an injury which stopped his career as a dancer. Initially called Yoga for dancers, the method is now used by people of all ages, walking all kind of life paths.

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used
with their permission.

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