Donation-based online classes


More than ever, our focus is on keeping your spirit high! This is why we offer donation-based online GYROKINESIS® and TANGO classes. We trust you to give what you can, with regards to the value of our work .



– Training for tango dancers
– Fun and dynamic
– No partner needed
– All levels welcome!


– Full body training
– Somatics and body awareness
– Sitting, standing, and floor exercises
– No previous experience required


– Tango class in pairs
– Vocabulary, musicality, connection and body awareness
– From beginner and up (not complete beginners)



Wednesdays 11.30-12.30 CET
Recommended donation
50-170 SEK


Thursdays 18.00-19.00 CET
Recommended donation


Thursdays 19.00-20.00 CET
Recommended donation
50-170 SEK


Via Swish: 0723503948
Via bankgiro: (0)529-6975
Outside Sweden? Send us an email and we’ll help you.


TANGO BOOST is a fun and aerobic way to practice dance technique and posture.

GYROKINESIS® classes are simply wonderful. The movements feel a lot like dancing and yoga combined. The classes help me with reducing stress and relaxing tensed muscles.

I look forward to the classes every week.

~ Guðný Stella Guðnadóttir, a tango dancer for many years and a physician

I wanted to continue my tango journey towards increased individual technique, to be able to meet my fellow tango dancer in the music. Elodie has a great capacity to teach and support you with this. Her additional knowledge of body mechanics and inspiration from the method GYROKINESIS® really helped me towards a more deep and satisfactory way of moving and understanding of how to dance with less effort. I highly recommend both the tango boost and additional training in GYROKINESIS® for you tango dancers out there.

~ Johannes

Tango, the most sensual dance that I know, and learning it with Elodie and Love make it so fun, Elodie is so patient and explains all of the techniques and moves clearly as it is important for the beginners, and also has some fun ideas during the class to make the moves more understandable and fun…

~ Ehsan

I really love the tango with Elodie and Love, they have great knowledge of the dance and gives valuable tips and tricks. I really like the family feeling in the classes and the eagerness to share new knowledge to dance better. They don’t only show a sequence and then another, they make sure the sequence is integrated into our dance. They also show how to combine sequences in different ways to be able to improvise.

~ Andreas

I thought that the tango classes would be really rigid and strict. But it turned out to be the opposite – I was met by a very open and cosy bunch of people at the class. Each class had a “casual” and friendly air to it, and in just one term I have already learned a lot and have had lots of laughs along the way. I’ve felt really welcomed by Elodie and the other teachers and I’m truly happy that I decided to take the course in the first place.

~ Pablo



Every class is a new experience, always approached with fun and happiness.


We want to grow as dancers and as persons, prevent injuries, and support a long and joyful dancing life.


Everyone and everyBODY is welcome! Together, we create a friendly atmosphere with trust and mutual support.


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Hi, we are Elodie, GYROKINESIS® instructor, TANGO teacher, and founder at Connect With Joy, and Love, Tango teacher, and musician, leader of the tango orchestra TANGÓTICA. We burn for sharing our passion for tango, somatic movement, and community. We are dedicated to developing a friendly tango community where everyone feels welcome, and where we care and support each other. 

Besides Connect With Joy, we are also part of the team of tango teachers at World Dance Company. Elodie is also in the team of fitness instructors at Pilates Complete. She explores all kinds of movement practice, study anatomy, and develops various projects at the crossroad between community building, dance, and arts. Love shares his passion for music with kids at the Culture School in Göteborg. At heart, he is a Jazz musician, member of the West Coast Big Band, but he is also playing regularly various styles such as bolero, pop, and Swedish variété.

We offer weekly GYROKINESIS® and TANGO classes, lunch and evening time. We also have weekend classes, workshops, and events. Finally, we are also available for private classes, with or without physical contact. Our eyes are sharp and fast to identify your needs 😉 

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