Performances & Projects

Tango performances and shows in collaboration with the Swedish tango orchestra Tangótica or on registered music.

 Couple improvisation and group choreographies. Get in touch for more information!

Couple Improvisations

Group Choreographies

Tango4You – a social project

In 2017 we invited an Argentinian tango teacher to give an introduction to tango to a group composed of refugees and locals, complete beginners and experience dancers. During one weekend the group learned tango and Chacarera, a folkloric Argentinian dance. 

3 weeks later, the group invited the existing tango community to a milonga with Tangótica orchestra playing live, and cooked food for the participants.

After that the members of the group received a card giving them free entrance to all the tango social evenings in Göteborg, as well as free tango classes. This experience created a strong bound between the participants, beyond the language barrier and the cultural differences. It facilitated the integration of new comers by facilitating regular meetings with locals. The opinion of the dancers in our Tango community changed towards foreign culture. Solidarity and humanitarian values increased while judgment and discrimination decreased. One of the participants, an Afghanistan refugee developed a deep passion for the dance and when the time of his expulsion came, the whole tango community in Göteborg, Sweden and beyond gave a hand to find him a job, finance his trips and life expenses, while others where helping him to go from one appeal to another to grant him a work permit. In 2022, we are taking this project back with the support of Kulturhuset Blå stället and in collaboration with El Encuentro Tango. More information to come soon!

Diversion – a transcultural performance

In 2021, Anna Lindh Foundation invited us to create a dance performance video in the frame of their yearly event “Celebrating Diversity”.  Inspired by the theme we asked Martina Von Schwerin (Hilal dance) and Alyssa Chloe (Vogue, Punking and Whacking) to join us to co-create “Diversion”, a transcultural performance at the crossroad between argentine tango, street dances, and Egyptian contemporary dance. 

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