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Warm Hugs for Cold Nights in Göteborg

Join Argentine Tango beginner group this November!


Sundays 16.00-17.00, starts 4th February, at Maj12:an, Varholmsgatan 12. 
Tuesdays 18.00-19.00, starts 6th February at Allégården, Södra Allégatan 4.

Wednesdays 18.00-19.00, starts 7th February at Maj12:an, Varholmsgatan 12.


Unlock a dance experience like no other! Discover the deep emotional and social connections this dance offers.

Elodie and Love will lead you through this immersive journey step by step, breaking down the intricate movements of Tango into manageable pieces.

Have fun grasping the Tango embrace fundamentals, posture, footwork, and musicality.


– No prior dance experience is needed! We start from the very basics.

– Learn to communicate with your partner non-verbally and maybe even express your emotions through dance! *Emotions not included. * 🙂

– You’ll gain the confidence to move gracefully on the dance floor, anywhere in the world!

In this Argentine Tango Beginner Course, you can expect:

 –  Weekly Classes: A series of engaging and informative classes led by Elodie and Love!

 –  No special shoes or clothing needed! Come straight from work with comfortable sneakers.

 –  Connection: Experience the unique embrace that defines Argentine Tango and the art of dancing as one with your partner.

 –  Musicality: Discover how to interpret and dance to the mesmerizing rhythms of Tango music.

 –  Social Interaction: Connect with fellow beginners, and the existing dance community, fostering new friendships within a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

 –  Progressive Learning: Each lesson builds upon the previous ones, ensuring steady advancement in your Tango skills.

By the end of this course, we promise you’ll have a clear understanding about the unique value Argentine Tango can bring to your life!


– One course – 10 classes: 1800 SEK

– Coming with a partner? 1620 SEK per person (10% discount)

– Under 25: 1120 SEK
Spend the winter among warm hugs for Göteborgs’ Cold Nights and embark on a Tango journey that is both a rewarding challenge and a source of immense joy. 

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