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Introduction to Tango in Göteborg – learn to dance to the most beautiful pair dance ever created!


Weekend intensive:
Weekend intensive 20-21st August at Amoeba, 13b Tredje Långgatan – 650 SEK
Classes on Saturday and Sunday 14.00-17.00.

Fall courses:

💃10 Wednesdays 19.00-20.00 with course start the 14th September at Maj12:an, Varholmsgatan 12.
First class the 14th September and last class the 30th November.
No classes on the 5th and 12th of October – join us for a wonderful tango trip in Turkey instead!

💃10 Sundays 15.30-16.30 followed with practica and waffles (included in your course fee) at Maj12:an, Varholmsgatan 12.
First class the 11th September and last class the 8th December.
No classes on the 2d and 9th of October – join us for a wonderful tango trip in Turkey instead!
No classes on the 27th November – join us for the Joy of Tango Weekend instead!

Argentine tango is more than a dance.  It is a sensual expression, a universal language with the body as a voice. Tango is poetry in motion, inviting you to (re)discover yourself, in the dance, together with someone else. Tango Göteborg is a lovely community were we actively promote mutual respect and support. With the help of this community, we will guide you in your dance journey, from beginners to experienced dancers.


Join our tango classes to have fun, make friends, and learn this beautiful dance Tango is, with us at Connect With Joy.

❤ No partner? We will help you to find one!

❤ Chose to dance as a leader or as a follower, regardless of your gender.
❤ Video summary for each class.

Elodie Labonne started her exploration of movement with the dance Argentine Tango in 2013. As she was searching for a method to deepen her understanding of movement technique and tension release, she chose to become a certified instructor with the GYROKINESIS® method. Elodie’s tango classes are much appreciated for the relaxed and friendly atmosphere she creates, as well as the clarity and the precision of her guidance and explanations.

Love Nilsson approached tango from the music. Professional saxofonist, he found great inspiration in the work of Astor Piazzola and the music made him want to dance. Soon after he started to teach and kept doing so since 1995. Love’s students loves his personal feedbacks and dedication to share his experience and knowledge.

Elodie and Love met on the dance floor in 2014 and have been sharing their passion for the dance with many since then. They explore their dance and pedagogy continuously.

Elodie Labonne


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